Thornton, Colorado State

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It’s no secret that it is in this city that you can get a good springboard for business development. You can do anything here, but you have your own peculiarities and nuances. In Thornton come not only to study but also for the first business steps.

The city is located in a valley, in a picturesque environment of Rocky Mountains. It gives residents 275 sunny days a year. Blue sky, crystal clear air, coniferous forest – it`s all you need for living in Thornton.


In winter, of course, the snow is fluffy, dry, reaching a height of 9 meters. In the city everything is equipped for excellent skiing: trails with a well thought-out system of lifts, a variety of which unsophisticated tourists first started, snowboard parks, a specific infrastructure (a complex of outdoor escalators). From Beaver Creek it’s easy to get to neighboring Vail, Aspen, Breckenridge, and Keystone – the most popular mountain resorts of Colorado.

In summer there is a good climate – there is no arid areas, constantly moist air. There are many opportunities for spending time with children in the sun without fearing for health. Therefore, many come here to a permanent place of residence.

What to do in Thornton

A lot of trails for beginners as well as for professional skiers. The complex, consisting of 13 trails, is designed for high-level skiers. In winter, a rink is poured into the center of Thornton. The tourists are popular for sledding and dog sledding. You can visit the concert hall, where there are theatrical performances and concerts of symphonic music. Also, there are a lot of things to do in Thornton:

  • Rafting;
  • Swimming;
  • Rock climbing;
  • Yoga;
  • Spot;
  • Light and heavy athletics;
  • Rowing;
  • Fishing;
  • Dancing;
  • Children’s circles of drawing and creativity;

For children, there are separate areas – children’s circles, development centers, developing preschool institutions.


The kitchen in Thornton is ordinary. There are no exquisite places to visit, but all the food is delicious and at attractive prices:

  • Lone Star Steakhouse;
  • Mighty Joe’s Kitchen;
  • Waffle House;
  • Outback Steakhouse;
  • Lone Star.

In addition to restaurants and bars, Thornton has a cafe and small eateries where you can sample light meals. It is fast and convenient.


As the city is small, education here is of high quality, but the choice is rather small:

  • Darrans;
  • Private School Thornton Academy;
  • School Guesthouse Taunton;
  • University of urban type;
  • School of Arts.

In addition to higher education institutions, there are many children’s groups, although there are few colleges. For young people, education is more difficult to obtain here.

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