Lakewood, Colorado State

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The city is ideal for living with children and relatives. There is everything for a comfortable time of proving – there are no noisy factories and trains, there are no big companies, clean nature, and beautiful weather all year round.

In the recent past, the city center was called Villa Italia Mall. But relatively recently the city council decided to demolish Villa Italia Mall and rebuild Belmar, which is a modern center of the city with a successful combination of shopping centers, apartment buildings, and various cultural institutions.


The climate prevailing in Lakewood is abruptly continental. The air temperature can range from +14 C to +25 C throughout the year. In winter, the temperature can drop below 0 C. Within a year, about 300-400 mm of precipitation falls in these places.

What to do in Lakewood

Attractions in Lakewood are the Laboratory of Arts and Ideas, which is located in the newly rebuilt Belmar city center by a decision of the city council. Here you can do different things:

  • Skateboarding;
  • Swimming;
  • Horseback riding;
  • Business for students;
  • Athletics;
  • Figure skating;

There are a lot of things to do in Lakewood Colorado, besides the above. For many visitors, there are special schools where you can learn new skills.


Residents and visitors can enjoy visiting the excellent national Mexican restaurant called Casa Bonita. And those who love local American cuisine are happy to visit one of the following institutions:

  • Brothers BBK;
  • The Melt South-West Plaza;
  • Homewood Suites by Hilton Denver West – Lakewood;
  • The Great Wall Super Buffett;
  • Cafe Ole;
  • Solitaire Restaurant;
  • Fort;
  • Ali Baba Grill;
  • Avanti Food and Beverage.

Back in Lakewood, there are several wonderful recreation parks. There are many different shops and shopping centers, numerous restaurants, cafes, and bars.


In Lakewood, there is a prestigious Graduate School. Also here was once founded the Christian University of Colorado. Also, there are more schools:

  • Graduate School of Business;
  • School of Arts;
  • The university of Colorado – the second branch;
  • Master of Business;
  • The Higher Anthropological School;
  • Biochemical faculties.

There are many enterprises in the city that specialize in the production of medical devices and preparations. Also, light industry and food industry are widely developed in the region, so you can study here for any position and get a good profession living in Lakewood Colorado.

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