Fort Collins, Colorado State

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In the last 20 years, art has played a significant role in the life of the region. There are several foundry sculpture workshops, and in August of each year, the world’s largest sculpture exhibition takes place. Also, there is an organized in the old style festival of popcorn, which includes such an entertaining spectacle as racing on beds with wheels.

The University of the City gives summer outdoor performances in Fort Collins. Greeley has its own theater-restaurant. In Fort Collins, there are centers where mobile troupes are being staged. This is the perfect place for people living in Fort Collins Colorado.


The eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains, which has a drier climate than the western slope. The temperature during the day can change drastically, so we usually take on several layers of clothing at once and get rid of them if necessary. The lowest temperature is in winter when the thermometer drops to -28 degrees, in summer the thermometer’s column rises to 40 degrees.

Evenings are a pleasant time of day when nature cools down after sunset. The temperature in the mountains is usually 5-6 degrees lower than the bottom. Extremely high and low temperatures are only a few days a year.

What to do in Fort Collins

In addition to art, the main branches of the economy are tourism, agriculture in the Greely area, and technological production in Fort Collins and Loveland. Those who have all their lives dreamed of living in Fort Collins understand that any dream can be realized here:

  • Cycling;
  • Sports competitions on outdoor recreation;
  • Figure skating;
  • Swimming;
  • Skydiving;
  • Karting;
  • Ballets and scout mugs;
  • Horseback Riding.

These are a thing to do in Fort Collins, but many of them just a part of a great measure of opportunities.


You do not need to leave the city, from the state, from the country – everything is next to the house. Fort Collins is also an unusual state, where there are many unusual sights and roadways of life. The main are:

  • Hilton Garden Inn Fort Collins;
  • Hilton Fort Collins;
  • Fat fate;
  • Wild Boar Cafe;
  • 415 Bar;
  • The Chocolate Cafe;
  • Cheba Though;
  • Doug’s Day Diner.

If you want to taste a home food, try visiting small cafes. Because of the lack of resources, only simple home-made delicacies are served there.


Training in this city is possible here:

  • CSU;
  • Undergraduate Pathway;
  • AEP;
  • College Year Abroad.

This is a good list of educational institutions.

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