Boulder, Colorado State

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Boulder – the beautiful city of Colorado, where the people count is content with nature and scenery of species. Forty-five kilometers from Boulder, located at a height of one thousand six hundred and fifty-five meters, is Denver. That’s why away from the metropolitan center of the state you can retire in the expanses of Boulder.

He is ideal for those who like to spend time in the family. Because of the height at which the city is located and dry mountain climate, sunny weather in Boulder can stand up to three hundred days the whole year. The cause of that the outskirts of the city are an ideal training base for athletics and for training many winter sports.

The Climate

Those who hadn`t been there can imagine that this is a cold and snowy state. However, 280 so 310 sunny days per year and generally moderate temperatures are a source for Colorado. Because of the Rockies, which go the territory in half, the stage of the both parties of Colorado is strikingly different. This season is still warm, but night temperatures are beginning to fall since the end of August.

Spring is mostly short and soft. Winter is usually cold, although the weather at different altitudes may differ. A lot of rainfalls comes in summers, that`s why it is profitable to make occasions sports relations in such rainy days. Early summer is beautiful for pick-nicks and meeting with friends.

What to do in Boulder?

Since this city has very wide opportunities for sports and different occupations because of the climate, here are things to do in Boulder Colorado:

  • Athletics
  • Snowmobiling
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Gambling
  • Mountaineering
  • Mountain biking
  • Skiing
  • Rafting
  • Snowboarding

The possibilities are many, and citizens often hold competitions. And this is not all that the inhabitants of this city are doing.


Colorado is known for the variety of restaurants that offer a variety of dishes. You can find almost anything you want to eat or drink:

  • Oak at Fourteenth
  • Flagstaff House
  • Black cat
  • Boulder Chophouse & Tavern
  • Boulder Cork
  • Jill’s restaurant
  • Frasca Food & Wine


In Boulder, there are much higher and secondary educational institutions. Here are the most popular schools in the city:

  • BCHS
  • Colorado University
  • Boulder High School
  • Business School

In addition in case of living in Boulder Colorado, there are many interesting activities for children, groups, sections. A city is too diverse to be bored here.

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